Professional hot tub disposal, from £399

Have you moved into a property with a hot tub that is unwanted but working? Or do you simply want to dispose of a hot tub? We can help.

  • Not using the hot tub you bought and don’t want the hassle of moving or selling it?
  • Do you have a hot tub that is currently unused as its no longer working?
  • Want to trade in your spa for a new one?
  • Does your company remove old hot tubs when installing new ones?
Hot Tub Disposal & Recycling

We provide a nationwide hot tub removal and recycling service for any of the above scenarios, starting from £399 for functioning hot tubs.

Looking to dispose of a hot tub? If your spa is running and under 5 years old and depending on your location, you could even qualify for free disposal.

If your hot tub is no longer functional and you want to get rid of it, we can professionally dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way. This will consist of us bringing it back to our warehouse and stripping it down, recycling all materials.

You can even part exchange it for one of our new hot tubs for sale. Contact us for details, supplying make, model and age of your spa, plus any access details. It’s the best way to get rid of a hot tub.

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For us to recycle a hot tub, the spa must not be rotten inside the cabinetry or in the shell, the control system, pumps and jets must all be present and ideally the cover and steps will be intact and in servicable condition.

The hot tub may have a sound system, water features or lighting… this may not be fully functional but must not be heavily damaged and beyond repair.


For a hot tub disposal, the spa will likely have no lid and sides missing or heavily damaged or rotten, with pumps either not present or clearly not servicable for future use.

Components such as controls, sound system and lighting will likey have stopped working. The hot tub must be solid enough for us to move in one piece.

Hot Tub Relocation

Do you want to move your hot tub to a new location?

Perhaps you’re moving home and want to keep your spa, or you’ve perhaps bought a secondhand hot tub and want to move it to your home from the place you’ve bought it from. We offer a nationwide hot tub relocation service to move hot tubs around the country.

We can help, with hot tub relocations starting from just £250, fully insured and handled by our specialist team. We’ve moved thousands of hot tubs around the UK in over a decade in the industry… so why wouldn’t you choose the best?

A professionally trained team with specalist equipment, at your service.

What's The Cost To Remove A Hot Tub?

Many customers are surprised to learn how affordable hot tub disposal can be, even for such a large and heavy item.

At Move Your Spa, we specialise in making this process easy and cost-effective. Our nationwide hot tub removal and recycling service covers a wide range of scenarios, starting from just £399 for functioning hot tubs.

Whether you need to clear space in your garden, replace an old model, or simply get rid of a spa you no longer use, we’ve got you covered. If your hot tub works and is under 5 years old, you might even qualify for free disposal!

Ready to dispose of your hot tub? Request a quote today or chat with our friendly team for more information. We’re here to help make your hot tub removal hassle-free and straightforward.