Looking at second hand hot tubs and thinking they look fantastic? You're right - hot tub ownership is brilliant and if you buy well, you'll get something that you and your whole family can enjoy for many years. But before buying used hot tubs, there's a few things you need to know first.

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Size isn't everything.

Consider how many people are going to use the hot tub… the last thing you’d want is to run out of space when you have friends over.

So it’s important to consider two things here:

1. Physical size – how much space do you have for a spa? Most will need at least 2m x 2m of flat, hard ground (patio, decking, concrete base ideally!)

2. Layout – who’s going to be in it? Just one or two of you? The whole family? Maybe even friends from time to time. Seating arrangement is important to consider. Some used hot tubs have lounger seat or two, so you can lay back and really relax.


Checking the condition...

Making sure everything looks right.

Cabinet condition

The cabinet material on the used hot tub you’re looking at will vary depending on the age of the spa, and where it was manufactured.

Many older tubs will have wooden cabinets which can fade, rot and chip away over time. These can end up looking pretty horrible and will need a new lick of paint and varnish.

More modern hot tubs will have plastic cabinets, which are generally maintenance-free as they only require a quick wipe to clean.

Shell condition

The shell of a hot tub can take a bit of a beating sometimes. A small scratch or scuff isn’t an issue… it’s made of acrylic and can handle this.

You might find some hot tubs with blisters or de-laminated shells. This is where a small amount of air has made it into the layer between the acrylic shell and the final coat, and is largely nothing to worry about.

Blisters are small aesthetic imperfections but will not cause further damage to the spa nor affect its operation. If the acrylic has a crack, however… walk away.

Check the lid

The condition of the lid is something that you need to pay close attention to, regardless of the age. Some secondhand hot tubs can have an old, tired lid will require replacement they can be expensive to source, especially if the hot tub is no longer manufactured.

Check the weight of the lid – if its not been cleaned and ventilated properly then it will be heavy and waterlogged, potentially rotten too. It will also contribute to heat loss if the corners are starting to curl up as the seal will be broken.

A good lid will sit flush with the tub and be relatively light to remove.

Bringing it home...

Getting your new hot tub to your house.

Moving the hot tub

So you’ve found the perfect secondhand hot tub, now you need to get it moved to your home.

First lesson: a hot tub is heavy. Most will weigh around 500KG (that’s half a tonne!) so you can’t just get a couple of friends and pick it up, even if you’ve all had your Weetabix.

You’ll need to enlist the help of a specialist team who specialise in moving and installing hot tubs.

We cover the entire country, with over a decade of experience in hot tub relocation.

Need a crane?

If you need your hot tub lifting over your home, garage, fence or wall, you might require either a crane or a HIAB to complete the job.

We work with you to find a suitable crane company, then we work with them to make sure that the job is done properly. The cost can vary, but you can read our hot tub crane hire guide by clicking on the button below.

Looking after your spa

Give it some regular TLC

hot tub relocation
Service your hot tub

Give yourself complete peace of mind when your new hot tub is brought home, by giving it a full service.

This will flush everything out of the pipework, pump systems and heater and ensure that everything is working as efficiently as possible, in addition to giving it a deep clean.

Sometimes, people can sell secondhand hot tubs with defects that you might not realise until it’s too late – a full service will make sure that everything is working correctly.



Some of our recent secondhand hot tub relocations...


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Looking for something new?

Whilst choosing secondhand hot tubs can be a fantastic way to grab a bargain, there’s always a risk. If you’d prefer to have something brand new, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune.

Through our sister-company, H2O Hot Tubs, we have a wide variety of hot tubs for sale including both 13A Plug and Play and 32A hard wired spas, so there’s something for everybody regardless of budget.

Browse the collection of spas which starts from just £3499.