2 Year Service Package

Original price was: £699.00.Current price is: £549.00.


Save £££ when you choose our 2 Year service package, allowing you to benefit from booking your next two annual Gold services and making a £100 saving in the process!

The Gold service includes a chemical flush which is run through the system for 10-15mins, stripping out bacteria and build-up of scale or scum in the pipework and heater. The hot tub is then fully drained and cleaned inside and out, including a UV treatment applied to the cover. The spa is then refilled, water rebalanced with customers chemicals.

Within the price we will include a new set of filters (for H2O hot tubs).

We then perform a 19 point check on the hot tub, covering all major parts.

Full procedure:

Pipe work flush (requires spa up to temperature), Drain down, Full internal clean, Full external clean, UV cover treatment applied, Fresh water refill, Chemical rebalance, Change of filters (H2O hot tubs only), Pump check, Blower check, Pipe and union check, 19 point check sheet.