Platinum Service



All NEW Chlorine Dioxide super shock Bio treatment, New to 2019 is the newly designed treatment for your spa. It is the first flush tablet to come on the market that kills 99% of biofilm, Biofilm is essentially hot tub plaque. It’s a protective layer of slime that forms and houses bacteria. And calcium. It forms in hard to reach areas such as pipes, pumps and heaters. It is virtually impenetrable by chlorine or Bromine. Even hot tub flush will not remove all biofilm. The is ideally to be used yearly and will strip any biofilm which will keep your Hot Tub Bacteria free. (Fully recommended for used spa)

  • Spa Flush (cleans out pipework from bacteria and debris)
  • Drain down
  • Wet vacuum out
  • Full shell interior clean
  • Full cabinet clean (silicone shine protector if plastic)
  • Full lid clean and cover protector.
  • Filter soak
  • Water balance
  • 19 point check, inc. unions, cabinet, leaks, pumps, pump shafts, jets, heater, control box.
  • Visual healthcheck with report.
  • Acrylic surface inspection (check your spa for signs of Delamination)
  • Cover lifter service (oil any existing brackets and arms and cleaned with a polish)

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