Winter Shutdown Service



For customers who do not wish to use their hot tub over the winter period, it is important that its drained down correctly. Incorrect draining can lead to water freezing in the pipework causing pipes to crack as the water expands. Our hot tub winter shutdown service is perfect.

Let Move Your Spa shut your spa down effectively and safely. In addition, your hot tub will receive a good clean and visual health check.

  • Drain Down: Prevents freezing and damage.
  • Pipework Drain: Ensures all pipes are clear and safe.
  • Clean Inside and Out: Keeps your tub fresh and ready for spring.
  • Pump Check: Maintains pump performance and longevity.
  • Visual Health Check: Identifies potential issues early for peace of mind.

Enjoy a worry-free winter knowing your hot tub is well-protected and ready for use when the weather warms up.

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