Relocation – Terms and Conditions

Price quoted is assuming the Hot Tub is disconnected and drained and any lifting device/accessories removed. There is a £25 charge for removal of lifting devices or accessories and £25 charge for refitting at drop off. We are limited to Hot Tubs of 2.5×2.5m if your tub exceeds this please let us know. If the Hot Tub exceeds 2.3×2.3 we will need to send a third engineer and/or will require assistance from an able-bodied person at both the pick-up and drop off address.  Please communicate this to us at booking. If the Hot tub is sat in any form of housing, sunken into decking or has a gazebo over it, we will require photographs to confirm that we can remove it. Additional time to remove is charged at £40 per hour for two engineers

Please let us know if your spa is any of the following brands:
Jacuzzi, Artic Spa, Coast Spa, Premier spa As well as dimensions we may also require dry weight

If fence panels, gates or any other structure needs to be removed in order to allow access, please make sure this is done prior to our team arriving. If you must remove structures to get the spa in or out of the properties on the day you will be charged for the extra time at £40.00 per hour.  If you require assistance, we do not accept liability for any damage caused to such structures in this event and it is at the engineer’s discretion on the day as to whether we are able to assist with this.  You may be asked to sign a disclaimer in any instance in which we believe damage to spa, property or persons may be incurred.  Failure to remove structures or sign disclaimer will result in the job being cancelled onsite and full amount is payable on the day

Move Your Spa accepts no liability due to acts of god, fire or weather-related issues which impact on us being unable to relocate your spa.  We reserve the right to retain deposit should you wish to cancel or postpone at any point after booking due to such issues which are out of our control. If you are aware of such issues but do not communicate this to us and we arrive at the property and are unable to relocate the spa due to this, then we reserve the right to request the full amount which is payable on the day

IMPORTANT – Please make sure you ensure there are no issues with access and familiarise yourself with the equipment and methods we use. Please note that we do not offer a lifting service or operate a crane/hiab. If we arrive at the pickup location and there is a problem regarding access that has not been communicated to us which results in us being unable to remove the Hot Tub/Spa we reserve the right to invoice you for the full amount payable. If there is an access problem at the drop off address, we will only be able to provide a drive way drop off and you will still be charged the original price which is payable on the day

We operate between 8am – 6pm. We do not allocate time slots.  We may be able to give you an indication of time of arrival at the pick up address at booking but this is not exact and is an estimation.  We will update you throughout the day where we can but please ensure somebody is at home or that we have access to the tub between these times on the day.  If any of the above information is relevant to your booking then please let us know as soon as possible. Please note: If you cancel within 48hrs before the job is due to commence (2 working days) which does not include out of hours Mon-Fri 9:30-5pm we reserve the right to retain the £180.00 deposit. Cancellations given under 24hrs we reserve the right to invoice for the full amount. You will have 7days to pay this from date invoiced. Cancellations after booking but before 48hrs notice will be charged an administration fee of £50.00. We reserve the right to request full payment if any of the above terms and conditions aren’t adhered to. This is a contractual agreement and by paying us the deposit you are entering into the agreement

Any communication regarding the above should be delivered to the office via telephone conversation or via email within office hours and with sufficient notice as detailed above.  Whatsapp, text message, eBay, Gumtree or Facebook messages are not a sufficient or reliable method of communication and Move Your Spa do not accept liability for information that is missed due to being sent in this way

Move Your Spa also reserve the right under extreme circumstances to cancel or postpone your job due to circumstances that are out of our control at any point due to mechanical vehicle failure, staff absence, road closures or issues with traffic.  We will strive to replace vehicles, staff members and find alternative routes where possible as soon as possible and commit to communicating this to you as soon as we are made aware.  We commit to rescheduling your job at the earliest possible date if necessary

We also offer a commissioning service providing your electrics are in place which entails us getting your spa up and running once in place.  The price for this is £150.00 and must be specified at time of booking so that the time slots can be allocated accordingly.  We also stock high quality chemical starter kits which can be added at time of booking.  Packs include test strips, chlorine, PH +, PH -, and foam away.  We cannot recommend these highly enough as chemicals purchased alongside second hand spas are not always within their best before date and this can compromise the sanitisation of your water.  Chemical starter packs are £55.00 per pack and will last you approximately 3 months.  Hot tub flush is a chemical we also recommend purchasing when buying a used spa as this will thoroughly flush any debris, scale and body fats that you cannot reach through cleaning alone from behind the jets, pipework and major components. We also offer various servicing options starting at £149.00 depending on your needs, please call for full details

Servicing – Terms and Conditions

Time slots given at booking are estimated.  We operate between the hours of 8am – 5pm and can arrive anytime within this time frame. The engineer will call you on the morning of your service with a more accurate ETA unless you have already been confirmed as first job of the day which will remain as stated and the engineers will arrive at your property between 8am-9am.

Please ensure that the spa is up to temperature (above 35 degrees) for when we arrive.

Please also ensure that all panels of the spa are accessible, we also recommend that you purchase a filter before the day of your service so that our engineers can change this for you if required.  Alternatively, we will soak your existing filter.

Full payment is required within 24 hours of booking.  Please see account details below:

Cancellations need to be made with at least 48hrs notice or you will be charged a non-refundable booking fee of £180.

Hot Tub Hire – Terms and Conditions

£100 deposit (taken via PayPal, BACS or card) plus rental price is to be paid upfront to the driver upon delivery. £100.00 deposit is secured until the hire tub is returned undamaged and will be refunded within 48 hours of hot tub being returned to us. If you wish to pay by PayPal there will be a surcharge of 3.5% to cover PayPal fees but this will also be refunded .

All chemicals will be supplied for the rental duration.

Please take care of the Hot Tub supplied. Make sure you use only plastic cups if having any drinks.  Do not eat food inside the Hot tub. When removing the lid this should be done by two people stood up on soft ground or a sheet to prevent it tearing. You are liable for any damage that may occur to the tub whilst signed over to you. Move Your Spa have the right to reclaim any money owed for damages (this could exceed the deposit).

Please make sure there are no issues with access. If you think there maybe any issues please contact us. Any issues resulting us being unable to get the Hot Tub in on the day will result in you being charged the £100.00 deposit to cover drivers time and travel costs.

Callout – Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that the spa is up to temperature (above 35 degrees) for when we arrive if possible depending on fault.

Please also ensure that all panels of the spa are accessible.  If the spa is sunken or partially sunken the surrounding material will need to be completely removed to ensure we have full access to all sides of the cabinet in order to make a thorough assessment .

Please ensure that there is access to an electrical supply for the engineers tools and equipment and that somebody is home in case of the power tripping .

Full payment is required within 24 hours of booking.

Cancellations need to be made with at least 48hrs notice or you will be charged a non-refundable booking fee of £180 or the total cost of the callout should it be less than £180.00.

Disposal – Terms and Conditions

Thank you for enquiring/booking with Move Your Spa for the disposal of your hot tub.

The price is £250.00 providing the following is adhered to:

-The spa is not rotten and is structurally sound. The spa must have the cabinet surround in place .

-The spa can be removed in one piece as we are unable to dismantle the spa .

-There are no tight corners in which we will struggle to manoeuvre around.

-There is sufficient space around all sides of the spa (approx 1 metre) in order for us to tip the hot tub onto its side and transfer onto either a spa trolley or sledge.

– There are no other issues with access including steps, sunken decking, gazebos and uneven ground.

– we may require a photograph of the spa in its current position and a short video of the access route should there be any concerns at booking. Please send to [email protected].

– Please ensure that the hot tub is drained, disconnected and that all access is cleared prior to our arrival, including dog waste.

Full payment via card, PayPal or BACS is required upon booking, until we receive payment your job is not marked as confirmed.  We do not accept cash on the day .

Cancellations need to be made 48hrs before your booked slot otherwise you will be charged a booking fee of £180.00.  Cancellations at any point incur a £50 admin charge and if we are unable to remove the spa due to access issues that weren’t communicated to us or due to the condition of the spa we reserve the right to retain full payment.

Please also note that any spa’s measuring 2.3mx2.3m and over require a third engineer which is chargeable, however if you are able to provide an able-bodied person to assist us on the day then this is sufficient.  Please make us aware at booking should you require a third engineer.